Johnny Depp won his defamation suit against Amber Heard, which is no news to those caught up with the case. Amber Heard, on the other hand, has expressed that things could have turned up in her favor. She filed to appeal the verdict from the trial, and Johnny Depp’s legal team caught wind of the fact.

Camille Vasquez, the star lawyer from Depp’s legal team, reacted to the filing. She appeared on CBS Mornings in order to share the team’s response to the appeal. Vasquez revealed that Heard’s move was already anticipated. When they asked her about a plan of action, she said the team had already prepared one.

Absolutely. And we did. Mr. Depp ended up filing his own appeal so that the court could have the full record. And – she insists on continuing to litigate this matter, and we have to protect our client’s interest.

The verdict for the trial dictated that Johnny Depp receives $10 million in compensatory damages. While he initially received an award of $5 million in punitive damages, the amount later shrank to $350,000 because of the state’s statutory cap.

Depp also filed an appeal on the verdict that dictated an award of $2 million for the actress. This was a direct response to Amber Heard’s filing. Vasquez added that Johnny Depp isn’t doing this for the money, but as a response to Heard’s appeal. She added that they hope the court stands by the verdict and puts an end to the back and forth.

We are just hopeful that the court will uphold the verdict, which we think was the right verdict, and allow both parties to move on. This was never about the money for Mr. Depp. But in order to protect his interests, as his representative, we have to respond to the appeal with his own appeal.

Kate Moss recently revealed that she spoke for Johnny Depp at the trial because she believed in truth. Johnny Depp lost a lot after the controversy and would have made a lot of money with his characteristic role in Pirates 6. The star has been spotted with a mystery redhead, whose identity got revealed.

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