The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard case is about to come to a conclusion, with a clear winner, or possibly two losers. As reported earlier, Johnny won’t be present at the Virginia courtroom when the jury announces the verdict. He will watching the live stream from the United Kingdom.

After a month-plus long trial, with many twists and turns, the jury reached its conclusion Wednesday in Fairfax, Virginia. They’ve been deliberating there for the previous few days. A mountain’s worth of evidence and testimony was covered during the entire trial

Just after 3:00 PM EST, it appeared that the jury reached a verdict in someone’s favor. The judge told them to go back and deliberate to determine damages.

After another 30 minutes or so, the judge and jury returned where they dropped the final verdict. It was said that the trial proved that Depp has proven all proof of defamation. It was also determined that Amber Heard made a statement about Depp in that op-ed piece and the statement was false. In the end, Amber Heard lost, and she lost big.

The jury came back with all “yes” answers, and they were all against Amber Heard. It was said that Mr. Depp proved that Heard acted in “actual malice.” The jury said that Heard must now pay Depp $15 million.

Last Friday, they heard final arguments, in which Depp and Heard’s attorneys pleaded their cases one last time in dramatic way. Camille Vasquez and her colleagues, like Heard’s chief lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, advised jurors to apply their common sense.

A verdict against Amber, according to Rottenborn, will have terrible consequences for domestic violence victims, sending a message to those who choose to speak their realities but lack the most convincing documentation of their trauma, a group in which Amber appeared to fall. While both Johnny and Amber had plenty of audio recordings of each other during heated arguments, it appears that only Johnny Depp explicitly captured Heard admitting to assaulting him.

The famed kitchen rampage footage was aired in court, showing Johnny throwing a tantrum and banging cabinets, all while pouring himself a “mega pint” of wine and finally catching Amber recording him. There were additional terrible texts Johnny sent about Amber, which the jury was shown.

Furthermore, Johnny’s history of substance usage was scrutinized, which he admitted to. Then there were Amber’s purported injury images, which she had a lot of. Amber also persuaded some of her friends to testify on her behalf, alleging that they witnessed the purported injuries after the fact and that they would frequently rush to soothe her after a brawl with Depp.

When Amber was testifying about an alleged staircase tussle, she said she thought Johnny would throw her sister down like he’d allegedly done to Kate Moss. A memorable moment, and a total win for Team Johnny came when his ex, Kate Moss, took the stand virtually to debunk a rumor that Amber invoked.

Kate herself stated that the narrative was untrue and it appeared to harm Amber’s credibility, as did other testimonies. There was also the issue of feces, which was addressed early and often. It resulted in a plethora of memes and jokes online, nearly invariably mocking Amber. As you may be aware, Johnny seemed to assume she and/or a friend left it in their bed.

Amber, on the other hand, denied it during oath, blaming one of their teacup Yorkies for having bowel problems after eating some of Johnny’s cannabis. Regardless, it’s evident that the trial and the public outcry against Amber have taken their toll on her.

Heard cried throughout the trial, but was extremely emotional near the end, claiming she just wanted to get on with her life and that she’s been left “nearly broken” by it all. Heard’s part in Aquaman 2 was also cut to a dismal 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp played a music gig with Jeff Beck in London over the weekend and was not present for the verdict.

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