Write for Us

Thirsty for News is always seeking new and energetic writers to join our team. If you love Entertainment & Culture and would like to write about it, Thirsty for News may be a platform for you to be heard by hundreds of thousands of readers daily.

The duties for writing for Thirsty for News would require the following:

* Proper grammar and punctuation – This one is a no-brainier. If you are going to apply for a position with us, first impressions do count in our selection. Take the time to proof read anything you submit to us.

* Unique content – Write your own work that will be appealing to our fan base. Do not copy and paste something you seen off another site. Visual aids such as photos and videos are encouraged.

* User interaction – A lot of our readers will generally comment on the the submitted content, especially if the piece is good. We encourage our writing team to interact with our online community.

Job openings (Paying Gigs):

* News Contributor – We are seeking individuals who can submit news pieces to our site. News MUST NOT be copied and pasted for another site and must be sourced. You would be required to check the main site frequently and read all stories to ensure that the story is not already on the site yet. Prior experience is a plus. Only seeking 6-10 candidates for this position.

* MEME Maker – We looking for one to two people to submit MEMES to us so that we can use on our social media pages such as – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All MEMES will need to be original and include the Thirsty for News watermarking on them. Must have photoshop for this job or photo editing software.

* Social Media contributor– We are seeking individuals that can he maintain our social media accounts. We need someone who can interact with our fanbase in a positive way  and answer questions that may come up.

If any of these jobs interest you, proceed to the box below which will direct you to our contact form page. At that page you can introduce yourself, and tell us a little about yourself. IF you are applying for a blog position, or have previous experience in writing, please include a sample piece of any of your work. If you do not have any previous experience and would still like to write for us, write something up, and send it in as you would publish it for us. Be creative as possible. Good luck, and hope to hear from you soon.