Sesame Workshop, the production company that oversees the legendary children’s show, ‘Sesame Street,’ is in some hot water lately. Sesame Place issued a statement calling the alleged snubs a misunderstanding. However, Sesame Place was recently slammed with $25 million racial discrimination class action lawsuit.

A $25 million class action complaint against Sesame Place Philadelphia claimed that the park’s staff insulted and hurt black visitors, particularly children. In the case, a man by the name of Quinton Burns claimed that on June 18, 2022, he and his family visited Sesame Place.

There is currently a full-fledged class action case. A Sesame Place representative told TMZ, “We will review the lawsuit filed on behalf of Mr. Burns. We look forward to addressing that claim through the established legal process. We are committed to deliver an inclusive, equitable and entertaining experience for all our guests.”

Burns claimed he bought park tickets for himself and his small daughter with the hope that they would get to see Sesame Street characters during “Meet & Greets.” Burns claimed that when he and his child went to a “Meet and Greet” with costumed actors portraying Elmo, Ernie, Telly Monster, and Abby Cadabby, the characters refused to interact with them and other black guests as well, according to the documents.

Burns claimed that at the same event, the artists were more than ready to interact with white attendees. Naturally, the case was brought about as a direct result of the park’s figure Rosita refusing to hug two young black girls who approached her during a parade and even shaking her head “no” in the footage that later aired.

We have contacted with the girls’ mother and the family lawyer, who both claim that they have discussed their options for legal action and spoken with Sesame Place to try and resolve the issue.

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