The 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois turned into a shooting range when the 22-year-old Robert E Crimo opened fire on the crowd from the rooftop of a nearby establishment. Over two-dozen people were hurt, and 7 people lost their lives. Now, shocking new details have been revealed about his likely prison sentence.

The shooter was arrested by law enforcement after an hour of searching. He made a voluntary statement, confessing to the crime. Crimo already saw a judge, and leniency was not on the menu.

According to TMZ, the judge ordered that the shooter be held without bail, as he’s looking at a life sentence if convicted. It was reported earlier that the shooter shot more than 70 times. However, the prosecutors said that 83 spent shell casings were found on the rooftop where the shooter opened fire.

The shooter was dressed in women’s clothing and used makeup to cover his tattoos in order to conceal his identity. Crimo also tried to be a rapper and posted disturbing music videos on YouTube. His rapper name was ‘Awake the Rapper.’ The music video for one song showed a very similar depiction to what took place on Monday, as it showed him simulating a shooting at a school, complete with dropping handfuls of shell casings on the floor.

Crimo frequently made violent threats against others and himself. However, his father still signed off on him to be able to purchase a semi-automatic weapon in 2020. Crimo killed 6 people at the shooting, the 7th victim died at a hospital on Tuesday from their injuries. May they all rest in peace.

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Shifa Jahan

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