The Fourth of July parade in Highland Park was turned into a shooting range when the 22-year-old Crimo opened fire on the crowd from the rooftop of a nearby establishment. More than twenty-dozen individuals were injured and more than six people died. Ages of the victims ranged from 8 to 85.

Robert Crimo is a person of interest in the July 4th mass shooting. The incident took place Monday about 4:30 PM in Highwood, Illinois, where Robert Crimo resides with his family. Crimo’s house was recently raided by the FBI.

Robert Crimo’s suburban Chicago house was recently invaded by FBI officials. They were geared up with assault guns and military gear. TMZ obtained exclusive video of the search. Police found a powerful rifle at the scene and identified Crimo as a “person of interest” in the terrible shootings.

Police found a powerful rifle at the scene and identified Crimo as a “person of interest” in the terrible shootings. The mass shooting occurred two hours before the alleged murderer was apprehended by police following a brief car chase.

Two squads of FBI officers approach the front and side doorways of the residence in the raid’s video, rifles ready. One of the agents can be heard yelling and beating on the front door. “It’s The FBI. If you’re inside, come out with your hands up.”

The other squad is shown approaching the house from the side, aiming their weapons at the windows, and then breaking in through an unlocked door. The feds stayed there for several hours, according to witnesses, snapping pictures, although it’s not apparent if they removed any evidence or made any arrests. It was overheard that several agents had seen “some interesting things.”

TMZ was informed that during the raid, Crimo’s father pulled up, spoke with the FBI, and then called his son, leaving a message that the authorities wanted to speak with him, according to the witnesses. Check out all the photos and videos related to the incident below.

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