Johnny Depp has many people who adore him. His admirers have proven their loyalty over and over again, most recently by backing him in his legal battle with Amber Heard. They have now taken a step further by initiating a campaign to force L’Oréal to remove Amber Heard from her position as an ambassador.

According to Radar Online, a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean star called Jade started a petition to ask L’Oreal to discontinue its contract with Amber Heard as one of their ambassadors. According to Depp’s supporters, the makeup company has a number of brands that target youth, which they feel is a concern. During the trial, Heard and Depp both testified that they used illegal substances in the past.

“It is now well known factually that Amber Heard is a regular drug user herself! Johnny’s life since their divorce has resulted in his life being plagued with false accusations, manipulation of the public by the sharing of these false/exaggerated and damaging claims.”

The admirer then proceeded to bring up the claim that Heard fabricated her injuries using makeup or photoshop. Jade asked, “As well as indirectly allowing Amber Heard to promote the use of Make-up to create “fake injuries”?” The Secret Window actor‘s ardent fan concluded by requesting that others sign. This week, the petition was launched. Over 3,000 Depp admirers have already joined up, and the number is climbing by the hour.


As previously reported, Heard said in court that her career suffered after Depp began hauling her to court. Depp filed a $50 million lawsuit against Heard, accusing her of fabricating abuse charges. He said that her alleged lies caused him to be blackballed in the industry. He said he was fired from Pirates 6 after writing an op-ed in the Washington Post about being a victim of domestic abuse. Heard denied making up anything.

Heard spoke in court about multiple situations in which Depp allegedly abused her. She claimed that the entire experience had harmed her career. Then she claimed that she was supposed to have a significant role in Aquaman 2 but that it was removed due to the commotion around her.

However, Amber Heard also stated that she struggled to remain in the film and that she ultimately filmed a small amount. The actress revealed to the jury that she has been unable to get any additional big projects.

The lawsuit is nearing its conclusion, and the court has yet to declare who will win. There is no doubt that Johnny Depp will always remain innocent in the eyes of his followers. Let’s wait and see what happens. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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