Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s legal battle is becoming more serious by the day. Half of the people on social media appear to support Johnny and oppose Amber. It was recently reported that Amber Heard hired security guards to protect herself from Depp’s crazed fans.

Amber Heard has hired a high-priced security firm to protect her at the Virginia courthouse where she is battling her ex-husband, Johnny Depp after his fans issued social media warnings against the actress. The 36-year-old star and the Pirates of the Caribbean actor are facing off in a $100 million court war.

Depp accused Heard of faking abuse charges which resulted in him being blackballed in the business, according to court filings. She is adamant that he assaulted her several times during their relationship. Heard countersued Depp for $100 million accusing him of defamation.

Heard’s new team is “elite security” made up of former military and government officials, according to the New York Post. The guards, according to the site, are stationed outside the court. Heard is said to be paying each guard $120 per hour. According to a memo written by the firm the guards are on the lookout for “lone-wolf supports trying to gain access to the [Fairfax] County Circuit Courthouse grounds, vehicles, or entrance to the facility.” “Don’t be predictable or complacent,” the letter added.


Reportedly, crazy Depp admirers have been tailing Heard’s car as she leaves court. Heard and her lawyers have been receiving threats online from those who support Depp. NY Post noted one person tweeted, “Morality question: Is it OK to kill and eat Amber Heard’s lawyer since she’ll probably brutally kill him herself?”

“Who wants to join me in my expedition to brutally m—– Amber Heard.”

“Amber Heard, the “victim”, putting on her fake sad face for “sympathy” only to forget what she was doing, smile, and then remember to play her role and switch back to the upset victim.”

Heard has appeared in court since the trial started and watched as Depp testified in the case. On the stand, the Secret Window star went over and above to paint his ex as a manipulative monster.

He informed the jury that in their arguments, his ex-wife was the aggressor, and he denied ever touching her. Her attorney grilled Depp about his drug use and texts chats with Paul Bettany in which they discussed burning her body during cross-examination.

The trial is in its second week and is expected to last several weeks more. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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