Lil Baby is one of the best up and coming rappers of his generation. In addition to that, he is also newly single. Now, it seems like one his past relationships has caused some controversy.

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves are over because Jayda was texting Bow Wow. The breakup was very public and Jayda made it clear that they are not going to get together any time soon. Amid this, Slim Danger, who is Chief Keef’s baby mama, claimed that she hooked up with Lil Baby.

It all started with Slim Danger’s TikTok post. The TikTok video reads, “When Lil baby ask why does everybody think we f*cked?” before the audio interjects, saying, “‘Cause we did.” And now, Chief Keef’s baby mama and Lil Baby are rumored to have been together.

Apparently, Baby isn’t having any of that. “Y’all weak a** hoes,” the rapper tweeted on Monday, March 21. “Stop using my name for attention! Dam. A mf a do anything to go viral. B*tches and n**as.” Slim Danger’s TikTok did get viral so there’s high chances that Baby was referring to it.


Lil Baby’s tweets appeared to respond to Chief Keef’s baby mama by implying that people love to create stories about him. However, it is not confirmed that the tweet was addressed to Slim Danger. We have to wait and see what Slim Danger or Chief Keef have to say on this matter. It is bound to get a response.

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Shifa Jahan

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