Chief Keef is known to have a sentimental nature, but Zaytoven has a way of getting to the hardest rappers. During the recording of his Zaytoven collaboration, “Ain’t Gonna Happen,” Chief Keef was moved to tears, but he was able to hide his emotions with a natural reaction.

The Chicago rapper revealed on Twitter that he cried while recording the GloToven single, which was released in March 2019. Rather than using the sound of him crying in the studio, he chose to use laughter, which he does every time he cries.

Fun fact: on front of ain’t gonna happen a young n-gga was cryin thinking about them members but everytime I cry I laugh so I ended up laughing and taking the crying out the front you only hear it on intro by the time I got to laughin.

Chief Keef raps about the death of relatives and friends over the years in “Ain’t Gonna Happen.” It includes his stepbrother Ulysses, Fredo Santana, and his cousin Big Glo, formerly known as Blood Money. The piano-driven instrumental by Zaytoven is one of 12 songs on the GloToven album, which also has a guest appearance by Lil Pump.

In September, Chief Keef lost another friend and Glo Gang rapper, 600BossMoo, who supposedly died in a murder-suicide. 600BossMoo allegedly shot and killed a woman in Los Angeles before turning the pistol on himself, according to sources.

Chief Keef’s latest album, 4NEM, was released in December, marking his first effort since the release of his Extra GLO EP in May 2020. Tadoe, Ballout, and Big Head all make cameos on the 15-track project.

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