Only the bravest of people can survive on Twitter. Chief Keef’s name has been trending on the platform and it’s not because of his music. Fans apparently want him to go to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The world is at a very grim place with a full-blown war between Russia and Ukraine taking place. However, Twitter has made numerous memes and jokes about the ongoing incidents. On searching Chief Keef on Twitter, you would see tons of memes about him being sent to the site of conflict.

A picture of Chief baring his upper body with a gun in his hand is circulating widely on the platform. Regardless of what the issue is, Twitter users know how to find humor in any given situation. There are several versions of the viral meme as the rapper himself has played into the whole trend.

The most discussed one sees the rapper facing soldiers in the faceoff between the two countries. Others consist of a photo taken of him during a live performance but Photoshopped into images of Ukraine. A significant number of Twitter users sarcastically commented that Chief can be instrumental in settling the tension between Ukraine and Russia.

One Twitter user wrote: “Man, who woulda thought Chief Keef would be Ukraine’s hero?” Adding to the above tweet, a second user wrote: “Ukraine has ordered Chief Keef to handle the situation, have no worries folks.” A third chimed in and said: “live footage of chief keef pulling up to Ukraine.”

Although the situation is very serious with millions of lives at stake, the internet does what it does best, make a meme out of a terrible situation. This might not be a solution to world peace but will make people laugh in the toughest of situations.

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Anirban Biswas

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