Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves certainly had one of the most controversial relationship. Jayda and Baby recently broke up. Baby posted an Instagram video that indicated there might be trouble in the relationship. Jayda responded with a post that claimed the romantic issues came because she texted another man.

Cheaves recently took to her Instagram to flex her hot picture in a sexy outfit. She can be seen rocking a white T-shirt tied up into a crop top. She was also rocking black shorts flaunting her godly curves, thigh highs and netted gloves. The picture was accompanied with a narcissistic caption.

Want a bad b* like me keep on wishing baby💋

Lil Baby spent big money to help Jayda improve her life. Previously just an Instagram influencer, Baby took her on vacation, gave her lavish gifts, and did his best to take care of her. It seems all of that effort and spoiling went straight into the gutter.


This split was apparently sparked when it was revealed that she was sliding into Bow Wow’s DMs. Yes, this situation is very complicated and more tea is sure to spill in the future.

They’ve gone through so much adultery, drama, and media rollercoasters in their on-again, off-again romance that one would think they’d both want to move on at this time. Time will tell what comes next in the latest round of hip-hop drama.

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