Kanye West has been the center of attraction for quite some time now because of his divorce and all the drama that revolves around it. Ye has also been facing issues with co-parenting his children with Kim. The media has demonized him in the process, but some people have his back.

Kanye has been making offensive comments and he has certainly received backlash for that. He was initially suspended from Instagram for making racially-biased comments towards Trevor Noah before the Grammys revealed that they canceled their invitation to Kanye West to perform at an event. Some people have also said that Kanye’s behavior warrants jail time but at the same time there are people who believe his actions sum up that he wants to win back his family.

GLC, who is one of Kanye’s closest friends and collaborators, took to Instagram to write a lengthy paragraph trying to defend Kanye’s actions. His post was in reference to all the online commentary and media coverage of Kanye’s recent behavior.

GLC explained in his Instagram post that Kanye has done nothing but tried to protect his children no matter what, whether it’s building a school to make sure his children get the best education or launching Sunday service to “to have his kids at church & form a relationship with God.”


“Ye is a #SuperDad! Through these eyes I’ve seen. Don’t fall for those that aim to bring him down,” GLC wrote on his Instagram post. “The way he is being portrayed in the media is disheartening on many levels especially when it comes to our own people aiming to bring him down. It makes me wonder would the headlines read the same if he wasn’t a Black Man in America? This is known as Meritorious manumission. Meritorious manumission Black leaders are those Black leaders who sell us out for personal gain from those that they deem as superior. They’re also known as sycophants!”

It’s good to see that Kanye West has a few people by his side. That won’t really help his situation with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and Skete. You can check out GLC’s post below.

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