“The Challenge” cast members from the past rarely criticize the show’s production or the network. One cast member however, recently doubled back on comments she made a year ago about her representation on the show.

Lolo Jones, an Olympian, was a huge addition to the ensemble of “Double Agents,” however she left the show early in the 36th season. She’s now blaming the show’s producers and viewers for spreading the notion that she quit, despite the fact that she claims she was forced off the show.

Lolo informed her castmates on the 11th episode of “Double Agents” that she would be quitting the show to focus on her Olympic bobsledding training. The athlete had been teamed with Nam Vo up to that point, but they had yet to win a task. Lolo, on the other hand, alleged that MTV forced her to leave after the show aired.

I’ve never quit anything in my life. Heck I’m one of the oldest Olympians bc I don’t quit, I was pulled aside before the show and told to make it look like I needed to leave.


She’s now reiterating those claims in a recent podcast episode. Lolo commented on what transpired on “Double Agents” during a clip of a podcast appearance saved by “The Challenge” rumor account “Challengetea911.”

What they did to me and the legacy I’ve created in the Olympic world, to try to pit me as a quitter and as a bad sportsman when literally the Olympics has shown my post-race Olympic loss to other athletes on how to lose… Shame on MTV, shame on them. Shame on viewers for attacking me for how MTV edited me. Shame on viewers for coming at me, to this day they think I quit that show, when MTV producers pulled me aside and forced me to quit that show.

She also had some harsh remarks for “The Challenge” viewers. She then stated that she would rather not discuss “The Challenge.” Check out the the Twitter clips and her Instagram post in reference below.

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