The Challenge : Spies Lies And Allies” is on its last couple of episodes. Viewers recently saw the remaining cast members head out for a boat day where they were able to relax and disconnect from the game. However, what we didn’t get to see is that one of the competitors actually broke their toe on that day off.

The behind-the-scenes moment was spilled by Kaycee Clark and Nany Gonzalez on last week’s episode of “The Challenge: Aftermath.” Since it was the final episode of “Aftermath,” many of the cast members spoke about their favorite moments of the show and what wasn’t captured on camera.

During one portion of the show, Kaycee and Nany began speaking about their favorite moments on the show. Kaycee said hers was the date night she had with Nany and how it was a really special moment. Nany said hers was probably the day they spent on the boat.

Kaycee then said that she didn’t notice until she was walking off the boat that she’d broken her toe. “Still dislocated and broken now,” she said. She explained that she wasn’t wearing any shoes and was just having a good time on the boat when she “slipped.”

Kaycee is no stranger to injury on “The Challenge” as she was eliminated from the final on “Double Agents” following a brutal knee injury. They were running along the rugged terrain in Iceland, Kaycee injured her knee, rupturing her patellar tendon, she later revealed.

Injuries are absolutely a ruining factor for athletes and game show contestants. There are always risks to these kind of reality TV game shows. Hoping that the injury is small so that she can be back on her feet within no time.

Anirban Biswas

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