Heather coke has a strong impact on the show “The Challenge”. She is a finalist and fan-favorite who is able to adapt to any situation the MTV reality television show competition can throw at her.

Cooke recently opened up about her rough holiday to the fans. Heather Cooke revealed during her second pregnancy, she had a miscarriage.

During the show, Heather revealed the tough time she went through with her family. She faced a miscarriage and this was a heartbreaking turn of events.

“Complete my miscarriage immediately, move on sooner, and to make my life easier mentally and physically.” She wrote, “the day before NYE, we spent it in the hospital. I am already physically recovered for the most part… and hoping 2022 brings us the joy we seek.”

“I share my story so that others know they are not alone. Up to 25% of pregnancies can result in miscarriage. It could affect anyone you know. Sending my love to others that have been there whether pregnancy difficulty, loss, and/or postpartum difficulty. Building a family can be hard and we should be supportive in whatever ways we can.

Cooke elaborated what happened on her blog, she found her baby had an “incredibly low fetal heart rate.” Her first ultrasound session was shortly before Christmas. She was said to wait till the next appointment.

“Likely to miscarry and if I were to bleed heavily to go to the ER and to hang in there.”

She was said to keep moving forward “with the baby inside me dying” until she miscarried, and that they couldn’t do anything to trigger the miscarriage until there was no heartbeat.

Heather’s ” The Challenge” co-stars flooded the comments for her loss. It was really a huge and painful loss for her. To know more about The Challenge and everyone involved in the shows you love, stay tuned to Thirsty.

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