Leroy Garret has been on the show “The Challenge” for a longtime. In November 2021, he came forward to talk about the racism he experienced on the MTV Show, specifically involving another competitor, Camila Nakagawa. Now another, “Challenge” star Brandon Nelson has broke his silence.

Former “Challenge” competitor, Brandon Nelson spoke about his own first-hand experience with racist comments from Camila that she made towards him on her first season on “The Challenge.” Recently, Brandon appeared on Talik Monroe’s series “Mental Health Check-In” on Instagram Live.

During the live, Brandon spoke about his mental health as well his time on “The Challenge.” The conversation gradually shifted to Leroy’s comments regarding what happened on “XXX:Dirty 30.” Brandon added, he and Leroy are close and often talk with each other.

Brandon explained on the live, “Here’s the thing, I went through it first on ‘Cutthroat.’” Brandon further added, Camila called him the n-word on “Cutthroat,” that it was online and everyone discussed it. “Cutthroat” was Camila’s first season on “The Challenge.” Brandon said Camila later played it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

Brandon also said producers of the show spoke to him after the incident. He said, “they were like, ‘you straight’, I’m like, ‘yeah, whatever,’” in a tone that clearly showed he was unhappy about it. He further explained, “I’m from Arkansas, so I’ve been through way worse when it comes to s*** like that.”

However, this wasn’t the end of it as Brandon revealed there were two incidents involving Camila on “Cutthroat.” He said, “It happened twice on that season. He said, “cause when she picked me, she’s like, ‘okay, let’s add some color to the team, I pick Brandon.’” Brandon said later on in the season,

“Camila did say, [the n-word], they just didn’t air it, But she did say it. So then when it happened with Leroy, he called me and talked to me about it before it even aired… we just kind of talked about it.”

Brandon further said, he and Leroy talked about the incident involving Leroy and he decided to speak up about it and try to get the network to make the changes. Meanwhile, Camila has yet to respond to these recent allegations.

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