Soulja Boy is a multi-talented individual. He wears numerous hats in the music and entertainment industry, including rapper, producer, entrepreneur, and more. The 31-year-old rapper appears to be a creative thinker who is always coming up with new ideas that push him over the brink, allowing him to be the first to perform a lot of things in hip-hop.

Soulja has claimed to be the first rapper to establish a Twitter account, participate in a social media money challenge, and make a music video on an iPhone in recent months. While he isn’t the first rapper to create his own sneaker line, he is the first to do so with the Soulja Stars, which he released as a limited-edition collection.

My new shoe @SouljaStarsBrand ⭐️ is here! Pre-order yours today!!!! 🔥🔥🔥😈 #SouljaStars

The Soulja Stars are handcrafted in Italy and distributed by Alive Shoes as part of an exclusive collaboration with Soulja Boy. Fans were shown three pairs, one of which had a black-and-yellow colorway with stars across the straps.

A white-and-silver pair, as well as a green “Money” hue, are also available. Men’s and women’s sizes are available, and a pair costs $279. Rick Ross and Smooky Margiela have both shown their enthusiasm for Soulja’s shoe releases, commenting on his social media posts and hyping him up.

Take a look at Soulja’s new kicks and let us know if you’ll be purchasing a pair. What place do you think these shoes take on the list of rapper-designed footwear? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Gunjan Nath

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