The 18th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” saw the infamous Night of Eliminations take place as two more competitors were sent home right before the final. The second half of the episode featured the start of the final challenge of the 37th season.

On the night of the eliminations, there were strong reactions to the two competitors who were voted in and their choice in who they called out. Amanda Garcia called out Tori Deal but was defeated in a physical elimination. Emanuel Neagu had to go into elimination again and called out Devin Walker in the hopes it would be physical, but it was a puzzle and Devin won. As soon as the episode aired, the cast members past and present started reacting online.

As the voting began for the night of eliminations, rookie Corey Lay tweeted, “This voting on the spot is f****** intense.” Tori Deal was witnessed picking up Amanda Garcia and carrying her to the ball. Amanda took to Twitter and wrote, “Ahahahahaha carry me to the ball.”

“Not Tori straight up carrying Amanda hahahahaha,” tweeted Corey. Another contestant, Devin tweeted “LETS F****** GO.”

Amanda also reacted to Tori helping Emanuel, tweeting, “Wowwwww Tory helping Eman over Devin. WOW. JUST WOW.” She added, “FAKE.” After Devin won, Josh Martinez tweeted, “So f****** proud of Devin my boy has killed it all sin.”

While Amanda couldn’t stop praising Nelson and called him the puzzle king, Corey wrote, “CT is built different. I’d run next to him on the treadmill in the house and even after he’d been fasting I’d still struggle to keep up with his endurance.”

Soon after the elimination, TJ Lavin announced that the final would be starting, and viewers got to see the first few checkpoints, including an individual portion and the creation of two new cells. Contestants also had a lot to say about this the final Challenge.

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