Chuck E. Cheese is waving goodbye to its beloved kiddie robot characters, except for one special location, and folks are buzzing with speculation that it’s all thanks to a recent horror flick. But hold onto your pizza slices.

Alejandra Brady, the head of communications for Chuck E. Cheese, wants to set the record straight. She tells TMZ that the rumors about the animatronic critters, famously known as “Munch’s Make Believe Band,” getting the boot because of “Five Nights at Freddy’s” are pure nonsense.

Sure, it might seem like a no-brainer connection, given that the video game-inspired movie hit theaters just a couple of weeks ago and revolves around murderous animatronic robots in a Chuck E. Cheese-esque establishment. However, Brady insists that there’s no direct correlation here. The decision to retire the machines has been simmering for a while now.

According to Brady, the higher-ups at CEC have been itching to bring Chuck E. Cheese into the 21st century. They believe that having live performers take center stage in the Chuck E. Live! Show will provide guests with a more exciting experience, complete with state-of-the-art interactivity.


Gone are the days when those old bots would clumsily move around with levers and pulleys. This rebranded show is the way of the future. And guess what? This plan has been in motion since as far back as 2017, when Chuck E. Cheese first announced this transition.

Now, the recent announcement about phasing out the animatronics was simply to clarify that the classic robot show will continue at only one location moving forward: Northridge, CA, dubbed the “residency” show.

Naturally, people couldn’t help but connect the dots between this announcement and the release of ‘FNAF.’ They assumed Chuck and company were spooked by the movie featuring killer robots. But according to Brady, it’s all about long-term planning, not frightful flicks.

As for the retired robots, they won’t be gathering dust in a corner. Brady reveals that they’ll recycle the salvageable parts to keep the classic characters running smoothly at the Northridge location. So there you have it, folks – Chuck E. Cheese is evolving, and it’s got nothing to do with horror films!

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