OnlyFans sensation and model extraordinaire, Danii Banks, is no stranger to the limelight, but she recently made headlines for a jaw-dropping stunt at a Raiders game that left everyone talking. And guess what? She’s got a lot to say about it!

The daring move went down inside Allegiant Stadium, where Danii boldly flashed her assets for all to see. Security didn’t waste a second, escorting her out of the building, and plenty of folks had their opinions on whether she should have pulled off such a risky stunt.

But here’s what Danii had to say when she spilled the tea to TMZ. She’s making it crystal clear that no innocent kiddos witnessed her risqué act, as she claims to have been in a strictly 21-and-up section when she bared it all to the crowd. Phew! Crisis averted?

Despite the backlash she faced online, Danii Banks is not backing down. She understands the concerns to some extent and offers an apology to any concerned parents if their little ones accidentally stumbled upon her exposed chest.


But, hey, there’s a silver lining to all this drama! Danii has seen a massive surge in her OnlyFans subscribers since the stunt, racking up thousands of new fans. And as for feeling bad about it? Not on her radar, folks! Danii Banks is here to stay, and she’s owning every moment of her wild ride.

What are your thoughts on Danii Banks’ decision to flash the crowd at the football game? Do you think it was a bold move or a risky one? How do you feel about the surge in her OnlyFans subscribers as a result of the stunt? Leave us a comment.

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