The long-running feud between Pink and Christina Aguilar has generated a lot of gossip in the industry. However, Pink has publicly criticized Christina Aguilera, but the singer doesn’t seem to care about the criticism. Pink recently asserted that Christina Aguilera wanted to fight in the “Lady Marmalade” shoot.

Pink and Christina Aguilera’s smash tune “Lady Marmalade” was published over 20 years ago, yet the feud still rages on. The 43-year-old recently opened out about the turmoil that occurred on the set of the music video production during an interview with Chris Wallace on Who’s Talking.

Lil’ Kim and Mya were also included in the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack song “Lady Marmalade.” The two pop stars’ purported hatred, which is still raging today, supposedly got worse after the release of the 2001 song. Wallace started the conversation about Pink’s friendship with Xtina during the interview. Pink characterized the persistent issues as a fight between two distinct egos.

“I think the shade. Where people get it twisted with me is that if you ask me a question, I’m gonna answer it honestly. I’m going to tell you my experience of how it happened. And to me that’s not shade that’s just honesty. Now, I should know better by now that total honesty doesn’t work in this world. People want to hear nice things, and they want you to clean it all up for them, but it’s just not my way.”


Pink continued to talk about how the “Candyman” singer wanted to get into a fight while filming “Lady Marmalade.” Pink allegedly sat on Xtina’s chair, causing the singer to want “to shut down the entire production,” which allegedly started the whole ordeal. Pink said to Wallace, “And I didn’t know I was in her chair, and I’m also, I’ve been, I was homeless at 15, like, you can’t talk to me in any way. And so,  I’ve you know, you picked the wrong one. But that’s over, it’s over.”

Pink still feels negative about the joint effort even if Christina’s attempt at a brawl failed. She recently discussed her dislike of the entire “Lady Marmalade” production in an interview with Buzzfeed. She specifically blamed “some personalities.”

Pink continues to be confident in her version of the truth even if she denies stirring the pot. She tweeted in response, “I’m not “shading” someone by stating over and over what actually happened. However, what are your thoughts on this feud? Follow Thirsty to learn more about hip-hop and pop culture news.

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