Christina Aguilera is well-known for having a four-octave vocal range and the ability to sustain high notes. Her works on feminism, sexuality and domestic abuse have sparked both critical acclaim and controversy. The actress recently performed in a bikini over a bodysuit to pull off a very bold look.

Pop Icon Christina Aguilera finally announced the whole trilogy of her new Spanish E.P. a few days ago. She has already released the first one, La Fuerza, to critical acclaim, as well as the first single, Sueltame, from the second E.P., La Tormenta. Last year, she performed at a number of festivals and, as always, stunned audiences with her fashion sense.

Aguilera developed a new look in which she wore bikinis over skin-tone bodysuits, making her appear like a life-sized doll. While some admirers like the distinctive aesthetic, others were unimpressed. The 41-year-old lifted up her bright yellow sweatshirt, revealing red lace underwear over a bodysuit.

Her outfit also featured a realistic navel impression, and her hoodie had a chest printed on it with pink heart pasties. She accessorized the quirky look with thigh-high patent leather black boots, brightly colored shimmery eyeshadow, and red lipstick makeup. In her subsequent performance, Aguilera wore more extravagant bikini-fused outfits that complemented the Drag Queens she introduced on stage.

The singer released a black and white promotional video for her three-part EP, revealing the title of the mysterious yet anticipated third set – La Luz, which means “Light.” Her Latin Extended Playlist trilogy is special to her since it marks her first return to her origins in two decades.

In addition, each E.P. in the collection tells a tale of her growth as a woman, beginning with La Fuerza (Strength), to La Tormenta (Storm), and finally La Luz (Light). Aguilera expressed gratitude to her followers for their support.

The singer is 41 years old, yet she appears to be growing younger by the day. Let’s see what she has in store for us next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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