Pink has been outspoken in her criticism of Christina Aguilera, but according to people familiar with the situation, Christina is not bothered by the comments. The perceived tension between the two singers seems to be just one-sided.

Pink complained to BuzzFeed UK about the “Lady Marmalade” music video she and Christina made in 2001, stating certain “personalities” as the reason it wasn’t enjoyable while adding that Lil Kim and Mya, the other two performers, were nice. Besides that, she appeared in Howard Stern’s show to recall the time when she lost out on the 2002 song, “Beautiful,” to Christina, ultimately acknowledging that it was the correct decision.

However, a source familiar to Christina told TMZ that she has no issues with Pink and has actually liked their professional interactions. According to reports, Pink hasn’t called Xtina about any recent issues, but since she’s occupied with touring, it hasn’t bothered her.

According to sources, Christina hasn’t had time to read any of the comments about her because she just wrapped up a significant performance at the 62nd Vina del Mar International Song Festival in Chile.


However, Pink has publicly denied that she is disparaging Christina, telling fans that they are crazy to assume that her comments about “Lady Marmalade” were directed at her. Pink did, however, praised the other 2 artists while noticeably omitting Christina from the list.

Since the release of the infamous music video, there has allegedly been a feud between them that dates back decades, despite claims to the contrary from each side. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates.

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