John Krasinski has given us a range of performances throughout his career. His skills have always shown up when he has portrayed a character in any genre of TV or movie. To be on par with his acting, it’s now revealed that he is also the highest-paid TV actor.

Matthew Belloni of Puck released an article titled “11 Burning Questions About the First Two Months of Hollywood ’23.” It had a lot of questions that the world would want to know about the film industry. One such question was about the highest-paid actor on TV.

According to Belloni and his reports, the highest-earning TV actor honor now goes to John Krasinski. The “Office” actor has reportedly earned around $2 million per episode for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. He earns much more than the likes of Zendaya and Chris Pratt.

John Krasinksi currently sits atop the mountain but is closely followed by some of the greats. Runner-ups like Kevin Costner, Jason Sudeikis, Harrison Ford, and Helen Mirren are no slouches. All of these stars rake in about $1 to $1.5 million per episode of their respective shows.


Belloni claimed that $2 million is clearly a very high amount given it’s for a TV show. Back in the day, TV stars weren’t paid as much as the ones who work in movies. These actors are lucky because these huge amounts wouldn’t have been feasible when TV shows first came up in the vogue.

“Having said all that, the post-Peak TV salary comedown is real. All the outlets (except maybe Amazon and Apple) are pushing back on even top tier talent. When I asked one big dealmaker which stars are commanding $1 million these days, he texted back: ‘$850,000 is the new $1 million.’”

The third season of the Amazon Prime series just wrapped on December 21. Krasinski has benefited greatly from it because it has been such a massive success. In any case, none of the performers named above are likely to lose sleep over how much they earn per episode.

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