Netflix recently released their biographical drama about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which has garnered a lot of attention. A Texas pizzeria also got inspired and is now selling some creepy Dahmer obsession, which is enraging some people and luring others into the eatery. Netflix’s

The “Jeffrey Dahmer Special” is currently being proudly offered by Capital Pizza in Lubbock, Texas, and it’s nearly literally a hot mess. There is an eyeball and a finger surrounded by what appears like blood as its toppings.

Of course, it’s not real, but just the imagery is making some individuals unable to eat. The manager, Kiefer Slusher-Davidson, informed TMZ that one of his servers came up with the idea in honor of Halloween and the enormously successful Netflix series.

The manager claims that the pie is made only of ramen noodles, pepperoncini garnish, and a lot of fake blood in addition to the fake body parts. Several customers have expressed displeasure that it has poor taste despite the fact that it is only a prop in the pizzeria’s window and not part of the menu.

Although there have been complaints, according to the manager, they’ve had it out there for approximately three weeks and many customers liked it, stopping to have their kids take pictures with the display. After all, it’s the season of horror.

The marketing strategy, however, is being criticized for portraying Dahmer as a folk hero rather than a serial killer. This is because Netflix portrayed his life in what many people believe to be a very sympathetic manner. After Halloween, according to Slusher-Davidson, he plans to take down the Dahmer special because it was only intended to be funny.

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Smita Singha Roy

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