Snoop Dogg is an artist that is passionate about spreading his wings in various fields. The rapper recently celebrated his birthday while promoting his Death Row wine, and now, his hilarious game show performance has gone viral on social media.

Snoop recently appeared on Wheel of Fortune along with contestants Amanda Seales and Mark Duplass and host Pat Sajak, where he humorously gave wrong answers to a few game show questions. Snoop had to predict a phrase or a word from just seeing a couple of the letters in Wheel of Fortune. As a result, he made mistakes like guessing “baking onions” when the right response was “baking brownies.” As the host Sajak noted, Snoop’s friend Martha Stewart won’t likely be pleased with that one.

Here are a few more Snoop guesses that ought to be placed into the game show’s Hall of Fame for egregiously incorrect responses. Snoop yelled out “Toilet Atlas” when the “Person” category appeared. Talented Artist was the right answer. Snoop predicted “Swallowing the not” for the next “What are you doing?” category. “Sweetening the pot” was the answer.

Snoop Dogg is still having a great time in his life at 51 and will soon begin expanding his multimedia portfolio with the release of the freshly cast comedy film, The Underdoggs. However, you can check out what people on social media had to say about the West Coast legend’s funny responses below, and check out Snoop’s wine here.

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