Cardi B put a lot of effort into becoming one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop industry, and her music has become popular all over the world. She is often seen defending herself in the media while also taking down her critics. However, she recently took to her social media to praise Usher and show her support for him.

The WAP rapper took to Twitter to show her love and support to the Dallas native. According to Cardi, Usher is one of those talented musicians who didn’t receive much recognition but now getting all the love he deserves.

“I’m so glad @Usher is getting the love he deserves. Y’all were trying him for a couple years but I’m glad he overcame that because he is a LEGEND.”

Many of her followers responded positively to the post and concurred that Usher wasn’t given the credit he deserved. “Exactly Usher have a lot of good hits!” one user tweeted. “Awww period . I love him💗” said another supporter. “We love a humble artist who shows GENUINE love to music veterans ❤️” wrote a third user.

Usher recently criticized Diddy for claiming that the R&B genre is in decline. Usher even declared himself the “King of R&B,” to add even more weight to the situation. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

What’s your take on Usher getting his flowers? Please write down in the comments below!

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