A$AP Rocky and Kanye West have always been the topic of controversy for one reason or another. Quentin Miller recently disclosed that A$AP Rocky unintentionally “Killed” his lyric off Kanye West’s Cardi B “Hot Sh*t” verse.

A$AP Rocky unintentionally rained on Quentin Miller’s parade when he urged Kanye West to remove one of the songwriter’s contributions to his verse on Cardi B’s “Hot Sh*t.” Miller made this revalation during a recent appearance on the New Rory & MAL podcast. He said that he nearly contributed to the song that happened earlier this year during a studio session with Kanye, Pusha T, The Game, and others.

“Remember the day when the picture had came out of Kanye West and Pusha T?” he said around the 1-hour, 15-minute mark.

So listen, this day, [The] Game brings me to the room Kanye’s working on the song he has with Cardi B and Lil Durk.

I contribute a line, I say a line. He’s like, ‘Oh, that’s hard!’ Records it. Pusha, hyping me up — that’s my man — he comes over and he’s like, ‘Yo, that sh*t’s hard!’ Everybody’s loving it.

However, Miller soon watched his would-be songwriting credit on the Billboard Hot 100 hit go up in smoke after A$AP Rocky arrived at the studio. “30 minutes later, Rocky walks into the room,” he continues.

He’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s just this one line that I want you to change.’ And he picks my line! He didn’t know.

So then Kanye’s like, ‘But I really like that line.’ 10 minutes go by and Rocky’s like, ‘Nah, man. You gotta change that line!’ And I don’t have enough clout! I’m sitting there like [swallowing defeat].

On the New Rory & Mal podcast, Quentin Miller, who famously co-wrote many tracks on Drake’s 2015 project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, also discussed his run-in with Meek Mill. Miller stated that during his high-profile beef with Drake, the Philly rapper confronted him inside a Nike store and initially decided not to attack him after realizing he wasn’t a “street” dude. Meek quickly changed his mind after his then-girlfriend Nicki Minaj urged him to fight.

I’m thinking we good and his man’s came back in with the camera. I found out — and I don’t know how true this is — but I found out that was a Nicki Minaj call. That’s when Meek evaluated you not a street dude and they dipped. I heard when they went back to the car, it was Nicki that was like, ‘Nah, run that.’

Listen, I’m a Nicki fan, my daughter’s a Nicki fan, but that was f*cked up, man! If that was the case… Just finding that out, that hurt even more. Like I’ve never had a conversation with this lady, why she doing that?

“Hot Sh*t” debuted at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on July 1. It served as the latest offering from Cardi B’s eagerly anticipated sophomore album following “Up” and the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted “WAP.” To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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