Usher is a solid veteran in the world of modern R&B. He recently called out Diddy for saying that R&B is a dying genre. To add even more weight to the situation, Usher has now declared himself the ‘King of R&B.’

The eight-time Grammy Award winner recently appeared on SiriusXM and Radio Andy’s “Bevelations.” During the appearance, Usher couldn’t help but brag about himself. Usher, whose full name is Usher Raymond IV, also refuted claims made earlier in the interview by Diddy that R&B is a dying genre.

King, whatever you wanna call it. Yeah, I’ve been working to the point where I do own that, and I do deserve that. And I ain’t gonna ask for it no more. You’re gonna give it. Because I did work for it.

When I do hear people, even like Puff saying, ‘You know R&B is dead.’ He sounds nuts to me. It sounds, it sounds, it sounds crazy. You know, especially knowing he was a pioneer in understanding and beneficiary of it. You know, the source that is R&B created the breath of life that was breathed into hip-hop. It wouldn’t be. There would be no hip-hop if there were not R&B, so it’s blasphemous to hear me say, to hear people say anything, especially hip-hop cats, to say anything about R&B.


Diddy stated last week during an Instagram Live with Timbaland that “R&B is muthaf*ckin’ dead as of right now.” That being said, Usher added that R&B is “timeless,” and it’s never going away.

Usher is now 43, and has created some incredible tunes over the course of his career. The star is an industry icon, and his fans know that very well. Stay tuned to Thirsty for latest news and updates.

What’s your take on this R&B’s demise? Sound off in the comments!

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