Cardi B established herself as one of the best female rappers in the hip-hop industry right now. Her music has reached people all over the world and she is always proud of that fact. Cardi B recently helped out her fellow female rapper with diaper changing tutorial.

Cardi B assisted fellow rapper and mother Kash Doll when she wanted practical tips on how to deal with her infant. The Detroit rapper wants to keep her distinct style while caring for her newborn kid, who was born in January. Her extra-long nails, on the other hand, have become difficult, so she sought advice from Cardi B.

Doll tweeted and tagged Cardi B while telling her about the struggle, “Aye Bardi how the hell u change wav diapers with the nails? Lol i got on press ons struggling.” The “WAP” hitmaker, who welcomed baby named Wave in January, went above and above to assist her. She gave her practical advise in a humorous video instruction that substituted a teddy bear for a baby.

Okay girl sooo I just made a whole video 🤣😂😂 Trust me you will get the hang of it! However I do feel like boys are harder to clean, they got more crevices. 


Cardi explained how to keep both the baby and the nails clean using the teddy bear as an example while daughter Kulture looked on. Though she was initially perplexed by the strange conduct, she sat and observed with interest as her mother skillfully used wipes to complete the task. Kash Doll complimented Cardi and stated she needed more practice after witnessing the demo.

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