Kash Doll has just become a mother as we moved on to the new year. She has been blessed with a son and now she wants to have a baby girl next.

Kash came out on Twitter and posted something which got the fans going. She captioned the picture “I want a daughter, but how she’s gonna get here?” and fans are already speculating things based on that. The sudden post comes just weeks after her newborn came into this world.

On January 8, Kash Doll shared the first photo of baby boy Kashton Richards. She was dripped in a high fashion Versace swaddle blanket and big diamonds just days after leaving the hospital. Several artists hopped in the comments to congratulate the new family, including Tracy T’s fellow MMG artist Wale.

In a separate video, Kash Doll also shared the moment she and Tracy T loaded their son in their car for the first time. The fact that Kash Doll welcomed her son in such an over-the-top fashion is quite a scene to behold. We will be seeing that all over again if she tries to make another baby.

A few came out to critique her tweet by saying it’s too early to be thinking about having another baby. “Girl you just had a son, let him get at least one first to think about [another] child,” one user responded to Kash. She was quick to shut down the critic, quote tweeting them and adding “I’m just saying future wise… Damn.”

Whether she actually wants another baby is definitely up to her and we will be up for seeing some of their flashy pictures again. Hopefully, they have plans to make it happen if that’s how things are going to go moving on from now.

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