Bobby Shmurda made a huge name for himself in the rap world. He has exceptional dancing talent in addition to his lyrical ability. Now Bobby Shmurda has announced that he will be teaching dance lessons this summer.

Shmurda’s dancing aided him in landing a new position. The multi-platinum rapper has an agreement to teach dance lessons on an app. During an appearance on The Amazing AllHipHop Podcast, Bobby Shmurda discussed his future as a dance instructor.

“I just signed a deal with this app that’s gonna have me doing dance lessons this summer. It’s called Tilt. It’s gonna be launching this summer. I just signed with them. And it’s gonna be doing all my dance lessons.”

Bobby Shmurda has frequently showed his love of dancing after his release from prison in February 2021. His dance moves, however, were instantly criticized. Bobby Shmurda was allegedly “losing the streets” by dancing, according to Wack 100. After seeing people insult Bobby Shmurda’s dancing on social media last year, Cardi B became the most recognized hip=hop musician to support him on Twitter.


“Y’all really be trying Bobby cause he be dancing and no lie when I used to do visits in Rikers Bobby & Rowdy were always in OBC solitary confinement cause they was really getting it rockin. Them boys ain’t punked out in jail really stood on their s### unlike a lot of rappers.”

Hearing that Bobby Shmurda intends to branch out into the dance world has sparked a storm of controversy in the industry. It seems that everyone has their own opinion on the matter. What are your thoughts on Bobby’s decision? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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