The legal war between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is becoming worse by the day. The couple is continuously trying to defame and slander each other in court. Amber Heard recently stated that Johnny Depp is unable to look at her during the trial because he is guilty.

Amber Heard explained the lack of eye contact on Tuesday, blaming it on Depp’s guilt. During cross-examination of Heard on Monday, Depp’s lawyers alleged that after she accused him of domestic violence and filed a restraining order against him in 2016, Depp swore to never look her in the eyes again.

TMZ noted that Depp’s lawyer, Camille Vasquez, released audio from a 2016 mediation session in which Depp confronted Heard for attempting to remove his sunglasses, telling him, “You will not see my eyes again.” One of the first things Heard’s lawyers brought up during redirect on Tuesday was the claim that Depp hasn’t looked at Heard since the domestic violence claim.

Heard claimed that after the audio recording, she and Depp had another mediation session in which Depp “very much looked me in the eye.” She further said that during the second session, Depp kissed her and both of them cried before slipping a note into her pocket with his new phone number and the message.

“I’ll love you dead or alive my Slim.”

Amber returned to the matter after revealing their history and accused him once more. Heard claimed that Depp will not look at her in court because he is aware of his guilt.

“Because he’s guilty. He knows he’s lying, otherwise why can’t he look at me? I survived that man and I’m here and I’m able to look at him.”

A new chapter of the case is unfolded every day, and the situation is becoming more complicated. Only time will tell what is said next as this nuclear relationship sees fallout in front of a worldwide audience. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma is a law student at Calcutta University. She writes for Thirsty for News, covering world news and entertainment. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

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