Adrian Peterson caught headlines for the wrong reasons, but there is good neew for him. He won’t be charged with charges in his domestic violence case after all.

According to TMZ Sports, a source told the outlet that Adrian had a City Attorney hearing in L.A. on April 29 but he met with the prosecutors beforehand to resolve the situation.

The source said that the prosecutors have decided not to criminally charge Peterson. He has agreed to complete twenty sessions of alcohol and domestic violence counseling within the next six months.

Adrian just got lucky considering that he had been previously charged with misdemeanor for an alleged altercation with his wife on a plane on Super Bowl Sunday, in February.

Ashley Brown Peterson, his wife, had a small mark on her hand after the incident on the plane, and Peterson was immediately arrested after that. However, Peterson directly denied ever hitting her and said, “We just had a disagreement.”

The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office denied charging Adrian just days after his arrest but the case was moved forward to L.A. City Attorney that resulted in him being charged with misdemeanor. Ultimately, it looks like Peterson will be able to come out of it pretty smoothly.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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