Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million after she implied in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that he assaulted her. Despite the fact that she did not name him, he argued that her allegations harmed his capacity to work. Amber Heard is also countersuing Depp for $100 million. Now she is airing out all of her dirty laundry, including that time she spent with James Franco.

During cross-examination, Amber Heard was asked about James Franco. It appears the whole point of bringing it up was to hint at the possibility that she might’ve been playing around behind Johnny’s back. At least, that’s the impression Depp’s attorney left.

Camille Vasquez played surveillance tape from Johnny’s DTLA building a few days before Heard took out her TRO, following an alleged explosive argument in their apartment. Franco can be seen slink in wrapped up with a cap and jacket, while wearing a backpack. Amber greeted him, and they both head up to her level, where they exit together at around 11 PM.

Vasquez was subtly suggesting that Amber was aware of how late it was and that Johnny was out of town at the time. Amber stated that she cannot recall whether or not she was aware of Johnny’s schedule at the time. She was not expressly questioned if she had been intimate with Franco.


Camille then moved on to the WaPo op-ed, attempting to persuade Amber that the essay was clearly about Johnny, but Amber insisted it was not about him. Vasquez is continuously attempting to keep Amber on track and focused on the questions being posed to her.

While the questions are persistent, Amber appears to be holding up very well. Vasquez is definitely going to delve into everything Amber has testified on thus far, which has been a lot. The cross-examination is just getting started, so stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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