Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s heated courtroom battle is taking unexpected twists and turns. Both of them are bringing shocking allegations against each other. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s lawyers recently clashed in court over a secret recording.

According to the Independent, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s lawyers had a heated exchange in court after the actress was accused of being the genuine aggressor in their notorious Australia fight. On Tuesday, Heard proceeded to testify for the second day of cross-examination. Camille Vasquez, Depp’s lawyer, spent a significant amount of time seeking to poke holes in the star’s stories. In March 2015, Vasquez concentrated on the alleged incidents.

The pair was in Australia as Depp was filming the new Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. According to Heard, Depp went on a three-day bender that involved him taking a handful of MDMA pills. “He was a terror,” she added, “smashing everything throughout the rental home. During his insanity, he cut off a part of his finger and wrote gibberish on the walls with a mixture of his blood and paint.”

Things took a turn for the worst when she revealed how he allegedly penetrated her with a vodka bottle while holding her by the neck on a kitchen counter. Depp previously testified that Heard threw a vodka bottle at him, injuring his finger. He told the jury, “She threw the bottle, and it made contact and shattered everywhere.” Heard argued that her ex-husband’s memories should not be trusted.


According to Depp’s lawyer, she did not seek medical care or take pictures of her purported injuries. Vasquez then played an audio recording of Heard and Depp that was recorded following the alleged altercation and sexual assault. The two can be heard discussing their relationship and what transpired at the rental home. The actress can be heard telling Depp that he runs away from their disputes. He stated he tried to go to five bathrooms to get away from Heard, but she kept following him.

Vasquez attempted to imply that Heard was the one yelling with Depp and caused disruption at home. She demanded that Heard admits to banging on five different bathroom doors as Depp tried to flee. According to Heard, her ex-husband was not an “accurate historian.” When Vasquez told the actress that it wasn’t her question and tried to refocus her, things grew heated.

The Aquaman star then shouted, “I was there. I remember it. I knocked on one door.” She denied following Depp around the house and claimed she only checked on him once because she suspected he had taken too much MDMA. Vasquez then demanded that Heard acknowledge Depp injured a finger when she hurled a bottle of vodka at him. Heard answered “no,” standing by her narrative that the actor hurt himself by shattering a phone.

Heard said she never assaulted Depp in Australia or anywhere else. Vasquez pressed Heard, claiming Depp was fleeing her by rushing to the restroom, but Heard responded it was “incorrect.” 

Depp’s lawyer then questioned, “You weren’t scared of him at all, were you?” Amber Heard then replied, “I had a mixed relationship.” She stated that she was terrified of him while also loving him.

Things are moving forward and numerous facts are being exposed; let’s see what else is out there. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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