Jesse Williams and ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee are embroiled in one of the bitterest divorces in Hollywood. Jesse Williams’ lawyer returned to court to try to persuade a judge to order the actor’s ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, to work full-time and pay more of their children’s bills.

According to court documents obtained by Radar, the Grey’s Anatomy actor’s attorney is attempting to schedule a hearing. Jesse requested that Aryn take a vocational examination. He’d have to hire an examiner to question his ex-wife. Aryn’s previous employment and skills would be questioned.

The hearing would determine whether Jesse’s ex has the ability to earn money, which could lead to the judge increasing child support payments even further. Jesse filed emergency court documents last year, requesting a hearing on child support.

He said he left Grey’s Anatomy in early 2021, and his income had plummeted, with his team of agents unable to secure any roles as lucrative as the ABC drama. Jesse and Aryn divorced amicably in 2019, while he was still earning an estimated $6 million per year. He agreed to pay $40,000 per month for his daughter Sadie and son Maceo.


However, Jesse recently revealed that he only makes $1,600 per week while performing on Broadway. He claimed he did not have the funds to pay the support and that his ex was misusing the $40k. Aryn claimed her ex should not have left Grey’s and was only looking out for himself.

The court ultimately sided with Jesse, temporarily reducing his child support obligations to $6k per month. A hearing has been scheduled for later this year, during which the two will argue over a permanent order. Jesse is also seeking $6,105 in sanctions from his ex-wife as part of his new motion to cover his legal fees associated with the motion.

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