Jesse Williams became an instant hit with fans after his role in Gray’s Anatomy. Recently Jesse Williams met with an accident and the charge is quite heavy. A women sued Jesse Williams for the accident, which his lawyer describes as a “blatant attempt to extort.”

Williams is facing legal action after a lady alleges he fled the scene of a vehicle accident. According to TMZ, the actor’s lawyer is defending him, alleging she’s fabricating the story to earn huge money.

Paula Bruce has filed a personal injury complaint against the “Grey’s Anatomy” star. She alleged that he caused an accident in L.A. in January 2020 and then fled the scene. Because of the injuries she sustained in the incident. Bruce claims she has experienced emotional turmoil and lost pay.

The story was different as stated by Williams. Jesse claims he did not flee from the scene.

According to Briggs, Bruce assured Jesse that she was fine. When Jesse phoned the cops, they recommended both sides to merely exchange insurance information because no injuries had occurred. Jesse stayed behind to snap photos of the accident and obtain Bruce’s insurance and license information.

Briggs claims that once all of the information was exchanged, Jesse’s assistant arrived and waited for a tow truck, while Jesse fled to avoid the media. Jesse looked up on Bruce a few days after the crash.

According to Briggs, everything remained calm until Bruce’s attorney contacted Jesse’s insurance a few weeks ago and demanded $1.6 million for a “hit and run.” He attempted to contact Bruce’s attorney, who informed him that the case will be filed. The lawsuit is nothing more than a “blatant attempt to extort” Jesse, which they would vigorously oppose.

What do the fans think whether the suit is a blatant attempt to extort money from Jesse or Bruce is right? What’s your view on it? Let us know in the comments. For further detail about the litigation stay tuned to Thirsty.

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