FKA Twigs, also known as Tahliah Barnett, is known for accusing Shia LaBeouf of domestic abuse and sexual assault. His ex-girlfriend filed her lawsuit against LaBeouf in December 2020. After portraying a Black man as a “mythological creature,” FKA Twigs was accused of colorism and encouraging negative stereotypes. So there’s that as well.

FKA Twigs has been chastised for using a light-skinned Black man with his skin darkened as a metaphor for her demons in her latest music video. Fans accused the British artist of colorism and encouraging negative stereotypes in the “thank you song” visuals, causing her to trend on Twitter.

One shocked user wrote: “i know for a fact FKA twigs did not put a lightskin man, in black paint, in a gorilla outfit, in the BACK OF THE BUS????”

Another penned down: “I love FKA Twigs but I can’t defend her on this. There’s no way she didn’t understand the optics of having a b######## man representing her demons when she faced emotional and physical abuse from white men. Babes it’s not a good look. This song deserved better.”


FKA Twigs, on the other hand, claims the “mythological creature” is a protective figure who watches over her “as my guardian angel.” She took to Instagram Stories to explain her decision and the significance of the symbolic figure to her. Take a look at some of the other tweets and watch the video below.

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