50 Cent recently sparked a stir when he called out Benzino and Young Buck over allegations of being involved with a transgender woman. Benzino stepped out to deny claims that he was dating trans actress Shauna Brooks, but Fif’s comments had already gone viral. Benzino has now challenged 50 Cent to a celebrity boxing bout to settle their dispute “mano a mano.”

Benzino’s purported relationship with a transgender lady has been mocked by the G Unit chief on Instagram. People started wondering about the pair’s relationship after clips of the former The Source magazine owner talking to Shauna Brooks leaked online. Benzino has categorically denied having a romantic involvement with Brooks, and he believes that the clips were altered to defame him.

He claimed the conversation took place years ago and that he once starred in a film with her. 50 Cent, on the other hand, used the occasion to ridicule Benzino in a series of Instagram posts. Benzino has had enough and wants to settle it in the ring, after addressing Fiddy’s charges during a talk with QueenzFlip.

Benzino has now hooked up with Celebrity Boxing, the infamous fight promoter, and has challenged Fiddy to a fight. Celebrity Boxing posted a video of Benzino signing his bout contract and calling out 50 Cent. He raised his arms to show off his muscles after signing the contract before dialing 50 again.


You wanna be a man about things, step in the ring. Because that’s where men settle they differences. F-ck all that internet sh-t. Step in the ring, mano a mano.  

The promoter also addressed 50 Cent, telling him that the fight has already been scheduled and that all he has to do now is sign on the dotted line. The event is set for June 11 and will be hosted by bitcoin entrepreneur Rodney “Bitcoin Rodney,” according to the caption.

50 Cent, on the other hand, appears to have ignored the challenge and has maintained his Instagram trolling campaign.

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