Benzino became entangled in a web of scandal about his sexuality after video footage of an alleged discussion between him and a transgender actress surfaced. The situation has attracted an inordinate amount of unwelcomed attention to the former publisher of The Source magazine, as well as turning a rap peer into a foe.

Benzino sought to provide context to a chat between him and a transgender actress named Shauna Brooks during a recent interview on the Flip Da Script podcast with QueenzFlip. Then he expressed his displeasure with 50 Cent for sharing the phone call. Given that he supposedly saved his life during his feud with Ja Rule and Murder Inc, he was keen to point out that what 50 Cent did to him was inappropriate and highly wrong.

“When I first met 50, this was when he first got stabbed up at the Hit Factory on 54th Street, I was with the Made Men at Sony studios. He ended up running down there, coming to my studio session to get away from Murder Inc. I didn’t know [Ja Rule & Irv Gotti] at the time…He was bleeding on the side from getting stabbed, he had no money and he showed me a gun with no bullets in it…So I was like, ‘Damn, you need some help?’ I was a millionaire back then. I had a car service at The Source magazine that we had on deck and I called the car service and I sent him to the hospital. So I kinda got him up out of that situation.”

When QueenzFlip pushed back on the idea that 50 Cent would be forever obliged to Benzino for a gesture he made over two decades ago, the interviewee answered by wondering why 50 has chosen to focus on the contentious element of his life rather than the act of compassion he previously showed him.

“How come, he ain’t never told that story?! If I helped you out of a situation in that you was getting hands and feet put on [you] and you was getting stabbed up, and you had no money to get to the hospital…wouldn’t I be cool with you after that? The nia was in the studio, they put hands and feet on him, they stabbed him. I mean, I seen the cut, he was bleeding all on the side of his st, he showed me. So, if I helped you out and sent you to the hospital, wouldn’t that consider me and you cool? The point is, I helped that man in a real situation. Fk the Eminem st! Fk the Ja Rule st! I helped that man. Me! Benzino, helped 50 Cent regardless of anything, I found it in my heart to help that man. I could have been like, ‘Get the f**k out my studio, I don’t want nothing to do with this. But I didn’t do that.'”

A few moments later, Benzino called 50 Cent a “bitch ass n***a,” and hurled a slew of other slurs at him. As a result, it looks that his quest for inner peace and a life free of fighting among his fellow rappers would have to be postponed for the time being. Benzino’s recent tirade has elicited no response from 50 Cent or Ja Rule.

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