50 Cent recently sparked a stir when he called out Benzino and Young Buck over allegations of transwomen involvement. DJ Envy is standing ten toes down for 50 Cent in a business where people are frequently stabbing each other in the back or turning on pals in order to create a viral moment.

Benzino stepped out to deny claims that he was dating trans actress Shauna Brooks, but Fif’s comments had already gone viral. Benzino returned with threats of legal action, and Envy was asked about his pal maybe facing a lawsuit while out and about with his wife Gia.

I don’t know what he would sue 50 for. I mean, 50’s my brother and I think everybody knows that, but I don’t know why [Benzino] would sue. What is he suing 50 for? I don’t know what [Benzino’s] love life is or his sex life is, but if it was public, I don’t think you can sue somebody. I don’t know, you could sue anybody for anything in today’s age. But I mean, good luck. When I look at Fif, when I say he’s my brother, you know when your brother can’t do nothin’ wrong, he can’t do nothin’ wrong in my book.

The cameraperson wouldn’t let him off the hook, and pressed Envy about Fif calling people out, particularly Young Buck and the LGBTQIA+ community. They also mentioned 50 Cent’s recent comments about Jay-Z attempting to imitate Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Envy informed the photographer that they should reserve those questions for 50 Cent because he didn’t know what the rapper was thinking. DJ Envy and Gia are currently marketing their book, “Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain, and the Magic That Holds Us Together,” which is outrageously long — but what could feel longer than being married for ten years without an orgasm? Check out DJ Envy’s defense of 50 Cent below.

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