Donald Trump was shown in a recently-released clip walking out on an interview with Piers Morgan. The talk was filmed for Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch’s new TV station, talkTV. The former president became angry at Morgan’s line of questioning and walked out.

Murdoch attempted to capitalize on the situation by publicizing the meltdown in other outlets he owns like the Sun and New York Post. The Guardian reports that this was part of a carefully-planned marketing strategy for the Piers Morgan interview with Donald Trump. The new show is set to launch Monday.

Donald Trump’s team says the clip was cleverly edited to make him look bad. They say Trump said, “Turn the camera off!” after the interview concluded and the two shook hands. Spokesperson Taylor Budowich called it a stunt.

“This is a pathetic attempt to use President Trump as a way to revive the career of a failed television host.”


Piers Morgan is being presented on the new show as a fearless truth-seeker. The whole idea is to spark controversy. Morgan has been critical of Trump in the past. That led to the alleged blowup.

Producers of Morgan’s new show say that the promo reflects exactly what happened. Trump became angry, and, as is his tendency, couldn’t let it go. Then he walked out. It’s hard to tell who to believe given the actors, but it would not be the first time Donald Trump lied about something he did on camera.

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Michael Perry

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