After the slapping incident, Will Smith is the center of attention these days. Will Smith has received a lot of backlash as a result of the Grammy’s mishap. Will Smith recently got the headlines again, as LeVar Burton Roasted Will Smith at the Grammys wretchedly.

At the Grammys, Will Smith is still the buzz of the town, including LeVar Burton, who brought out a comedy presenter who had the moment on his mind. The bizarre incident occurred on Sunday, ahead of the official broadcast, when the off-air awards, such as Best Comedy Album, were still being presented. Burton was on stage at that point in the pre-ceremony and, not so discreetly, invoked the Chris Rock slap.

As reported by TMZ, LeVar stated that he wanted to warn the audience that their next presenter Nate Bargatze was a comedian and that no one should approach him and smack him. The audience erupted in laughter but not as much as when Bargatze himself strolled out, dressed in a massive helmet, clearly in allusion to the hit from last week. They were all in on the joke, and Nate had some quips to go along with it.

LeVar added that he had heard that comics would be required to wear headwear like this at award events going forward, especially during their “Joke parts.” On this, LeVar is clearly on Chris’ side. The backlash will continue in this manner. Stay tuned to Thirsty if you want to learn more about this dispute.

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Muskan Sharma

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