Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal have feuded for a long-time in the past, and their feud was well known to those around the NBA. The two had various issues, but not much was known to the public. Jamie Foxx has now opened up about his role in the dispute between the two Lakers stars.

Together Shaq and Kobe have won three championships but that wasn’t enough to keep them from having disputes. Los Angeles Lakers eventually ended up trading Shaq to Miami and offered Kobe a 6-year contract.

Not too long ago former NBA star guard Gary Payton opened up about the feud between the two Lakers superstars. And now Jamie Foxx has is giving us insight into the infamous basketball beef.

‘Django Unchained’ star Jamie Fox recently appeared on the Full Send Podcast where he shared the following,

“I’ve known it for years, man. I would talk to Shaq when he was going through sh*t in LA. Because it was tough. Him and Kobe was contentious and stuff,” Jamie Foxx said.

He continued, “But when they won the championship, you know what Shaq did? Shaq’s on Ventura, on a motorcycle, like 7’9″. I said ‘man, come to my house, right down the way’. So Shaq gets on a f**king chopper and rides down Ventura Boulevard. The whole city is following him and then he comes over to my crib and everybody’s there and he literally looked me. My crib looked so small when he walked in and then we hung out. We played like three on three or something like that. But he’s always been a cool dude.”

As time passed by, Kobe and Shaq did reconcile with each other. The relationship between the two got much better when they retired from the sport. In fact Kobe’s death shocked Shaq just like any of us and he still gets emotional when he talks about the late basketball legend.

Check out the podcast below at 1;34;00 mark to watch Foxx talk about the infamous feud.

Bhupen Dange

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