The Oscars left the public stunned by a physical fiasco between Will Smith and Chris Rock over the weekend. It overshadowed any news about the night’s winners that included Smith’s Oscar for best actor. Following a joke regarding Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith, Smith was spotted fleeing his chair and striking Rock across the face. Since then Smith has publicly apologized for the situation.

Chris Rock’s staff denied that the comedian delivered a public apology to the Smith family. Senior Film Editor Rebecca Keegan of The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the online statement apologizing to Will and Jada Pinkett was not authored on Chris Rock’s behalf.

Chris Rock has not yet issued a statement. There is a statement going around purporting to be from Rock that is not from him, per his team. It’s the one that starts, ‘As a comedian it can be difficult to understand…’

Meanwhile, Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock and the Academy for his conduct on Sunday night. He admitted that he reacted emotionally to a joke regarding his wife’s medical condition. It’s also been revealed that Chris Rock’s joke on Jada Pinkett wasn’t written by him.


Timothy Burke stated that the joke was written by the writing crew, but a Rock representative said he was unaware of Jada’s medical situation. The incident has sparked outrage around the world. Some are going so far as to demand that Will Smith’s Oscar be revoked, while others believe that Will was justified in protecting his family. Take a look at the false statement below.

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