Entourage was created by Doug Ellin and premiered in 2004. The show established quite a following for eight seasons, making it one of the most well-received comedies of the mid-2000s. Doug Ellin has a tendency to always side with the forces of good and stick to his guns. Ellin recently came out against Will Smith and claimed that he is a narcissist.

Doug Ellin recently slammed Will Smith for slapping Chris Rock over a Jada Pinkett Smith joke. TMZ reported that Doug called it a perfect case of ultimate narcissism that harmed the victors. Will has a mental health problem, according to the creator of “Entourage,” who went rogue on the greatest night of the year for the movie industry.

Doug accused Will of making the entire awards show about himself because he couldn’t take a joke. Doug criticized the audience for not only cheering for Will when he won Best Actor but also for giving him a standing ovation.

Doug isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. He claimed that if a cinematographer or makeup artist slapped a presenter, they would be arrested right away or ejected from the venue. Furthermore, Doug, whom fans saw exiting his new show “Ramble On” with Charlie Sheen, called Will’s pursuit of a much smaller and older man “nonsense.”

Doug also criticizes Will’s acceptance speech, claiming that if Will truly cared about love, he would not have pursued Chris. It seems Doug is too enraged over Will’s did. What do you believe the outcome of this feud will be? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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