The video of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is spreading like wildfire. Many fans and celebrities have spoken out in response to what happened at the Oscars. Diddy recently came up with a one-of-a-kind response to the situation.

Like others, Diddy also shared a post on Twitter. Diddy posted a video that was most likely taken while he was sitting in his car. He said ” I know this s*it is crazy…um…you know s*hit happens sometimes.” He further continued, “My n*gga Chris got a chin… I know ain’t nobody even not thinking what I’m thinking.”

Diddy continued to compliment Chris’ chin saying, “He got a chin…yeah…” He concluded his video with the word ‘Love.’ Commenters on his post were perplexed about “What is he thinking……,” While others burst out laughing.

“what are you thinking dude.”

“He got a WHAT.”

“What’s wrong with this guy.”


“Naw dawg I know what Diddy thinking.”

“He’s thinking something despicable.”

Chris Rock recently laughed off Will Smith’s Oscar’s slap, joking backstage that he “just got punched in the face by Muhammad Ali and didn’t get a scratch.” Chris Rock’s sarcasm appears to be a permanent feature of his personality, as he joked about the situation once again.

Smith, on the other hand, is getting mixed responses. Some people are in favor of him, while others are against him. One thing is certain: his son, Jaden Smith, will always be there for him.

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Transcription by Thirsty

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