XXXTENTACION’s affiliate rapper Kid Trunks recently shared a picture of his gunshot wound. He shared graphic photos of injuries to his chin, along with blood on his neck. He asked for the prayers of people as this is the second time he got fired at. Now he has opened up about all his lies.

Kid Trunks apologized to his followers recently after admitting to lying about a lung cancer diagnosis and getting shot in the face within a three-month period. The Miami rapper came clean to his fans on Instagram Live, admitting that he was chasing clout.

Trunks admitted to his extremely corny and foolish lies before revealing that the alleged bullet wound was caused by a surgical mask’s metal strip.

First of all, I do wanna apologize for what I said about me getting shot. I did not get shot. I had a seizure in the hospital and I had the COVID mask over my face and I was straining myself. You know, they have a metal string in the COVID mask and it popped out and I cut myself in the chin.


He continued by saying that his addiction has made him extremely compulsive. He stated he thought lying about getting shot would help him because he had a fading career and a lack of support.

I  felt like I wasn’t getting as much love as I used to be. They say clout is a hell of a drug, but drug is a hell of a drug. I felt that me lying about getting shot would work on my behalf, which it didn’t. And honestly, that was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever f-cking done. Yes, I was clout-chasing, I will admit that.

The “IDK” rapper also revealed that he was suffering from malignant abscesses in his chest and the back of his head. He claimed, however, that he was inebriated when he made the assertions concerning lung cancer.

The one thing I did lie about is having lung cancer. I don’t have lung cancer, I have a cancerous abscess growing in my chest and in the back of my brain. But I do not have lung cancer. I was just off the drugs. I got my phone at the wrong time. You guys don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. I’ve been capping a lot due to me just overdoing myself.

The rapper expressed regret for the hurt he caused his friends, family, and fans, and admitted that he needed to change his ways. He did clarify, though, that he was lying about the near-death experiences he had in recent months. Take a look at some of the footage from his stream below.

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